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Below you will see all the required information and requirements in order to qualify for residencia in Spain.

We know this process can seem daunting, but we are here to help in any way we can and if you need help with your application we can help you get the application started by using our professional service partner. 



An NIE number (similar to national insurance number, you can organise one after the house purchase)

A digital certificate (available from the town hall once you have been registered for an nie)

Padron (this is issued by the town hall after house purchase as a proof of address)

Spanish bank statements for 3 months (stamped by the bank as official documents to show you have money here and you're buying groceries etc, basically living here and doing normal things with your money, so as soon as you get here open a bank account and use it for as many menial things as you can)
Uk/South African bank statements for the 3 months previous to moving here to show the same things as the Spanish statements
CRB check for UK and Spain (both can be arranged when you get here)

Passport and Passport photos

Contract/autonomo/Vida laboral (Spanish work documents that can be organised when you get here)

For retired or self funding applicants it's slightly different:
If you can prove an income of €2,173.58 for one of you, and €539.60 for the second person this will suffice.
An S1 medical document or medical insurance




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